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How Florida Statutes Can Help You Get an Affordable Divorce

Florida Statutes - Boca Raton, FL

The First Step to Divorce is Figuring Out what County Boca Raton is In

Florida Statutes¬†are difficult for anyone not familiar with legal jargon to interpret. That said, it’s no surprise that after finding out that you need to file in Palm Beach County,

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Co Parenting Tips straight from a West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyer

co parenting Boca Raton, FLYou thought Life after Divorce with 50 50 Custody would be No Problem…

Co parenting¬†after divorce may not seem like a challenge because no one is ready to jump back on the horse right after a split. Well, maybe if the horse catches an Uber at 3am and you don’t have to worry about ever seeing their mug around the pasture again,

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