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Disability Benefits and Child Support

divorce attorneyHow Disability Benefits Factor Into Child Support

There are a few maxims in life that almost everyone is familiar with. Don’t eat yellow snow, three’s a crowd (unless you’re into that sort of thing) and Florida support obligations are derived from guidelines based on the parents’ combined net income.

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Adultery, Divorce, Now What?


Adultery in Florida

Whoever said marriage was easy obviously never thought their spouse could be committing adultery. Maybe it’s all his late nights at the office since that Carmen Electra circa 2001 lookalike started as his intern (not real sure when tube tops became acceptable office attire?!) or that you have a sneaking suspicion her suddenly renouncing cheeseburgers in favor of a “clean diet”

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Why Every Divorce is Different


As a Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer, I see it every day. Lately, there seems to be an epidemic inHollywoodof glamorizing divorce that everyday Joe and Jenny are adopting as their own.  And, sadly, it ain’t workin out too well. Take the recent outbreak of the 3 month marriage.

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Why You Need To Demand A Prenuptial Agreement

best divorce attorney


Kanye didn’t pull the line “Holla, we want prenup, we want prenup” out of thin air. You can learn your lesson as to the importance of getting a Prenuptial Agreement straight from the headlines. Take the recent brouhaha over Kobe Bryant’s divorce.

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