How to Change Your Last Name in Florida Without the Hassle

how to change your last name in FloridaHow to Legally Change Your Name Through the Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts

Learning how to change your last name in Florida doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s look at a few common scenarios.

  • I am filing for divorce in Florida. My mom suggested I go back to my maiden name but I’m not sure how to change my last name. Is it like forming a new identity and getting a new social? Can I just use documents for starting change process or does the court change it?

The wife may seek restoration of her maiden name in conjunction with an action for dissolution of marriage or by a separate action that forms legal standing. The only necessary allegation in a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is that a party wants her maiden name restored. In this way, name changing legally through the Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts is easy.  You can start with legal forms and don’t have to change your social security number.

  • I am going through a Palm Beach County divorce and I asked my wife, will you be changing your last name? She said no. Can I petition court to force her? I think my cousin in Jersey did that.

No. A husband may not seek to have the wife’s maiden name restored because no one may request a name change for another person without that person’s express consent. States changing processes may differ, so it’s important searches aren’t generic to ensure the information received is accurate. If you still have questions about changing your last name in this state, consult with family lawyers.

how to change your last name in FloridaHow to Change Your Last Name in Florida Without Filing for Divorce Through the Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts

  • Is changing your last name allowed without being party to a Palm Beach County divorce case? Can I just bring copies of my license and sign the applicable forms?

The process of how to change your last name in Florida is a bit more complicated if you don’t do it in divorce family court.  A separate action is then required for the restoration of a party’s maiden name. Consequently, the Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts requires a separate filing fee. A verified pleading and proof of several factors must be provided on the change form along with the fingerprints of the Petitioner. There aren’t any county court services that allow the public recording to be done online. Therefore, service is only available through the clerk office. The court clerks become the recorder of the legal document once the order is entered.

The Details of How to Change Your Last Name in Florida by Filing a Separate Action

As discussed, making this change in accordance with law divorce requirements is much easier and avoids the traffic of a clogged court system. Of course, this isn’t always a viable option. A verified pleading must be filed with the Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts if the restoration of maiden name is sought outside the bounds of divorce law. Several items must be provided to prove the change is legit:

  1. That the petitioner is a bona fide resident of, and domiciled in, the county.
  2. If known, the date and place of birth of petitioner, petitioner’s father’s name, mother’s maiden name, and where petitioner has resided since birth. Or a birth certificate.
  3. The name of petitioner’s spouse and names and ages of her children and where they reside.
  4. If the petitioner’s name has previously undergone a change, when, where and by what court.
  5. Petitioner’s occupation and employment history for five years preceding the petition.
  6. Whether the petitioner has been generally known by any other names. If so, by what names and where.
  7. Whether petitioner has ever been through bankruptcy. If so, where and when.
  8. Whether petitioner has ever been arrested for or charged with a criminal offense, regardless of adjudication. If so, when and where. Even if it wasn’t on the beach Delray.
  9. Whether there has ever been any money judgment against petitioner. If so, the name of the judgment creditor, the amount and date thereof, and whether the judgment is still open.
  10. That there is no ulterior or illegal purpose attached to filing the petition and that it won’t invade the property rights of others in any manner.
  11. That there has never been a suspension of petitioner’s civil rights. If so, that there is full restoration of civil rights.

how to change your last name in FloridaWhat to Do When Seeking a Name Change for a Minor Child

When seeking the name change on behalf of a minor child, the Petitioner’s fingerprints must be provided. Both parents also must provide consent. If one parent doesn’t consent, the Petitioner must prove that the name change is in the child’s best interest. Additional hurdles exist when a parent’s whereabouts are unknown.

Now that You Know How to Change Your Last Name in Florida, Who Should be Notified?

After figuring out how to legally change your name, there are several agencies you need to contact to change documents. Thankfully, your local Delray Beach divorce attorney, Jordan Gerber, has compiled the handy list below. I mean, really, who needs the lottery with this kind of good fortune?!

  1. The Social Security Administration.
  2. Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.
  3. Palm Beach County voter registration department.
  4. Florida State Department to update passport information.
  5. Car insurance company.
  6. Health insurance company.
  7. Life insurance company.
  8. Home insurance company.
  9. Company HR department.
  10. Any schools you attend.
  11. Doctor, dentist, and pharmacist.
  12. Bank or credit union.
  13. Credit card companies.
  14. Post office.
  15. Utility companies.
  16. Mortgage company.
  17. Palm Beach County tax assessor.
  18. The IRS.
  19. Title company.
  20. Your probate attorney to update any estate planning documents.

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