Equitable Distribution and Division of Property

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Florida family law follows the model of equitable distribution with the goal that each party walks away with his or her fair share of the marital estate. The cut-off date for the division of property by determining assets and liabilities to be identified or classified as marital assets and liabilities, or non-marital assets and liabilities, is the earliest of the dates the parties enter into a valid separation agreement or the date of the filing of a petition for dissolution of marriage.

Although Florida is a self-proclaimed equitable distribution state, this does not necessarily mean that there will be a 50/50 split. There are numerous complex issues involved in determining if an asset is marital or separate and determining property rights can end up being one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce. The flipside of equitable distribution, or a request for an unequal distribution, can be effectuated to provide equity between the parties. This request involves several statutory factors in determining each party’s property rights.

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