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Alimony in Florida


Alimony Definition May Be Different Than You Thought

You know the feeling. The butterflies that your intended soul mate once gave you have been replaced with the sour stomach feeling you used to only get after drinking cheap tequila. The laugh that was once music to your ears has become more unbearable to listen to than a Nickelback song and the water boarding scenes in Zero Dark Thirty didn’t seem so bad when you thought of having to leave the theater to go back home to your other half.

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Contempt – A Remedy for Non-Compliance

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Contempt of Court

Finding a four leaf clover. Seeing a double rainbow. Enjoying a clean break from your Ex. Sure all of these things exist, but actually encountering any of them is a rarity (and apparently pretty freaking mind blowing if you take that YouTube dude’s word for it).

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Divorce and Child Custody Modification

divorceChange is the only constant in life, thereby, rendering the need for a post on custody modification. Whether the term divorce has just entered your vocabulary or the dust has already settled on your exodus from wedded bliss, you probably know this adage all too well. Perhaps  Mr.

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Child Support Enforcement in Florida

child support

Child Support Enforcement

FDR once said, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.  The context in which this statement was made is strikingly similar to the scenario many  find themselves in when choosing to end his or her marriage.  When FDR spoke those famous words during his Inaugural speech in 1933,

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