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Boca Raton divorce lawyerWhen You are Looking for More Than Just a Lawyer for Child Support or Child Custody in Florida and Don’t Want to Feel Like the Divorce Process is a Losing Battle

When facing Florida Family Law issues, it’s no surprise that you want to find the right Boca Raton divorce lawyer to meet your needs. The divorce process in Florida can easily be one of the most emotional life events a person can encounter. Deciding who will best represent your interests and truly be in your corner every step of the way is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

A Boca Raton Divorce Lawyer You Can Count On

At The Law Office of Jordan Gerber, P.A., we ensure that our clients know that we’ll be riding shotgun the entire time. Aggressive representation is top priority. That said, it’s equally important to find legal representation that sees you as more than just a case number. Whether you are seeking a legal lawyer for child support or child custody, we are here to help. We educate our clients on the mechanics of the law. We also fully understand the stress associated with the divorce process in Florida. As a result, they’re confident that they are provided the best legal representation possible. All while simultaneously receiving the personalized attention they deserve.

Boca Raton divorce lawyerA Boca Raton Divorce Lawyer You Can Actually Trust During the Divorce Process in Florida

At The Law Office of Jordan Gerber, P.A., we believe that the best family law attorneys understand that their job goes far beyond the divorce process in Florida family court. Our firm works diligently to ensure that you possess the necessary knowledge to make the most effective decisions possible. All while providing complete transparency and consistent accessibility while helping you navigate through Florida Family Law issues including:

Boca Raton divorce lawyerWhy Facing the Divorce Process in Florida Alone Is a Bad Idea

We live in a world where “c.r.e.a.m.” is as recognizable an acronym as “bankruptcy” is a buzzword. Consequently, it’s only logical that many have found themselves cutting corners anywhere they can. You know, magnums instead of jeroboams. Maybachs over Bugattis. Downsizing from summering in the French Riviera to a quick jaunt to Bali. If your name isn’t Carlos Slim or you don’t sit on the board of Goldman Sachs, options are limited. Therefore, tightening the budget most often means restructuring the way you categorize expenses. For example, when you trained your eight year old son to answer the phone. “Gee, I don’t know when a good time to call back would be Mister (credit card/bank/lending representative). Since Mama ran off with Uncle Charley, Pop’s just been sitting on the front porch. Drinking moonshine and cleaning his gun.”

Do I Really Need a Boca Raton Divorce Lawyer?

When faced with an economic crisis, the time comes to decide what is really a necessity and what’s not. As a Family Law Attorney, the question is often posed “Do I need an attorney to get a divorce?” The reply: of course not! After all, you don’t really need a professional for the majority of the things you could do yourself. Remember that time you tried to bypass the salon to save a few bucks? Or when your cousin decided to fix his own car? What about when your buddy decided to re-set his own wrist after that pick up basketball game? What may seem like a fiscally responsible decision at the time usually ends up costing you twice as much in the end to fix.

The decision to forego hiring a Boca Raton divorce lawyer is two-fold and prominently financial. First, party either doesn’t have the financial wherewithal to afford counsel. Or their assets have dwindled so significantly that there’s nothing left to fight over. There’s one problem with this vantage point. Even if ‘ignorance is bliss’ has been the mantra of a marriage, it doesn’t translate so well into divorce. Believing your husband when he says that the lacy underwear you found in his briefcase was a gag gift from the boss may give you temporary peace of mind. But signing away rights to Mr. Wonderful’s pension that you didn’t know you had? Not so much.

Boca Raton divorce lawyerWhy You Need a Lawyer for Child Support Who has Your Best Interest at Heart

Building on the realization of the current dismal economic state, it’s no surprise that the number of people being laid off per capita is rising. It seems more rapidly than the number of middle aged male politicians being called out as sexual deviants. That being said, one of the most unfortunate situations is someone who believes they have entered a valid agreement with their co-parent relating to child support. Parents are obligated by law to contribute to the support of their children. As a result, this obligation cannot be disposed of. This is where child support lawyers come in handy.

The parties are free to enter into an agreement pertaining to an amount of child support to be paid. However, that amount must be in substantial conformity to that which would be ordered by the court. For example, Father is supposed to be paying Mother $800/month for their two children. Father loses job. Mother agrees to allow Father to miss three months of child support payments and after Father cannot find a job after three months, Mother agrees to allow Father to pay off their daughter’s car with his severance and redo the Mother’s kitchen in lieu of the previous child support monthly payments. Six months after Father lost his job he secures employment and begins to pay his child support in full. At this time, Mother finds out about Father’s new girlfriend, Sapphire, and takes him to court to establish child support arrears.

A Boca Raton Divorce Lawyer Who Cares

Father walks into Judge’s chambers confident that he will leave triumphant and with enough time to catch the tail end of the lunch buffet at his new girlfriend’s place of employment. After all, his receipts for the car and home repairs total far more than the $4,800.00 the Mother alleges in arrears. Unfortunately for Father, and in turn Sapphire, the meteorologist’s forecast for rain proves to be incorrect. Father is found to owe the full amount requested.

Child support in Florida provides for the basic needs of a child; shelter, clothing, food. “Extras” such as car payments, extracurricular activities, and in many cases even private school are not considered in the basic child support obligation. Additionally, improvements made to real property will not be construed as being made for the benefit of the child. This means that Father will not receive credits for payments made towards these “extras” and will still be found to be on the hook for the full amount of Florida child support ordered. If only he had consulted with a child support lawyer.

Boca Raton divorce lawyerChild Custody in Florida is Complicated and Knowledge is Power

The way a family court views the legal parent child relationship has changed. Long gone are the days it was assumed Mama Dukes would ride off into the sunset with the kids in tow. Pops coming by every other Saturday for an outing to the race track and ice cream is no longer the standard. Recent changes to Florida custody laws have done away with any presumption against shared parenting. The excuse that one parents custody is necessary to breastfeed or provide extraordinary medical care for the minor child? This will no longer be allowed as an excuse to restrict child parental overnights in a courts parenting plan. The best child custody lawyer knows that the relationship with your child is the most important thing in your life. Creating a parenting plan that best meets the needs of your family is the first step in ensuring their well being.

I meet people on a daily basis permanently scarred by their decision not to hire legal counsel. The majority enter into an agreement that their ex made sound like a win/win situation. One that would save them both from wasting valuable resources and shield them from the emotional trauma that accompanies litigating a family issue. In most instances, faced with the facts and circumstances of their situation, the person reasonably believed that there was no way that the interests of justice would require the services of an attorney. Unfortunately, in a highly complex area of law that is constantly evolving, sometimes justice is unattainable without the assistance of a professional advocate. After all, hell hath no fury like a woman (or baby daddy) scorned. Doesn’t it make a lot more sense to have someone else in the ring fighting alongside you?

Boca Raton divorce lawyerBoca Raton Divorce Lawyer, Jordan Gerber, Offers More Than Just Being A Lawyer For Child Support, Paternity Suits, Florida Alimony Law, Or Child Custody In Florida

It is our mission statement to provide the perfect balance we believe the best Boca Raton divorce lawyers possess. We find this balance in our between ferocious and aggressive advocacy while also providing the compassionate and dedicated personal attention that parties deserve. Your goals become the firm’s goals and effectively safeguarding spouses current and long term interests is our top priority. It is our pleasure to serve Broward CountyBoca Raton, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, and all of Palm Beach County, Florida in our quest to be the best Boca Raton divorce lawyer who meets all of your Florida family law needs. We understand that as your Boca Raton divorce attorney, our job neither begins nor ends in family court and promise to be by your side every step of the way as we navigate the muddy waters of the divorce process in Florida and Florida Family Law together.

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