How to Save Your Marriage and Avoid the Cost of Florida Divorce

how to save your marriage Boca Raton, FLWant to Avoid Palm Beach Child Support, a Custody Agreement, and Alimony In the State Of Florida? Here’s How

How to save your marriage is an issue all couples struggle with at one point. After all, the divorce rate in Florida is scary. In this post, therefore, we will focus on how to save yourself from this epidemic. No black magic here, folks. Just some simple tips and observations which will hopefully help in learning how to save your marriage. Who really wants to worry over things like if a marriage court will award alimony, anyway?

Who Doesn’t Want to Avoid the Divorce Florida Cost?

For many Americans, Memorial Day weekend isn’t just an excuse to get blitzed in an all night flip cup marathon on a Sunday night. With your parents agreement to watch the kids, of course. It also means NBA playoffs are in full swing. Like death and taxes, you best believe this weekend means Stephen A. Smith using even more vocabulary words you’ve never heard of and outrageously short court side interviews with Coach Pop. What does this have to do with Palm Beach child support and alimony in the state of Florida? No worries. Like Phil did with Kobe and MJ, I’m here to show you the way. But instead of triple doubles, we’ll look at how to save your marriage instead.

Even if it’s your first rodeo, I’m willing to bet you have some working knowledge of the trifecta that is the NBA/NFL/MLB. In today’s world of 24/7 news and social media, people are now linked more than ever to the wide world of sports, exposing the personal lives of competitors in the once obscure fields of soccer, mixed martial arts and golf. After all, do you really think anyone ever gave a second thought to the terms of Freddy Couples custody agreement?!

The Most Logical Way to Avoid the Cost of Divorce in Florida? Learn How to Save Your Marriage

As a society, we have become emotionally invested in celebrities and athletes and thereby intrigued by their personal lives. Even if you have taken a Buddhist vow of non-judgment, you are bound to feel some type of way about certain media frenzies. Take Usher’s legal parenting and custody agreement over the superstars children that resonated in divorce courts across the country. Ochocinco’s domestic violence dispute or Jennifer Anniston’s perpetual state of singledom. Rock on her finger or not, can we see the girl in a wedding dress already?! Although many of these scenarios are unfortunate, there are some that result in happy endings. There is always a lesson to be learned on how to avoid the divorce Florida cost through watching other’s successes and/or mistakes. Whether there’s a marriage court spouse or parents custody child agreement included in their divorce cases or not.

How to Avoid Alimony in the State of Florida By Learning How to Save Your Marriage

An example of this are two interesting events that have your Twitter app and TMZ newsletter buzzing lately. The beauty of social media public support services, right?  First, the breakup of golf phenom Rory McIlroy and his fiance. And, on the other end of the spectrum, George Clooney’s decision of finally giving wedded bliss a chance. Yet, as seemingly opposite as these happenings may seem, they actually both teach the same lesson: how to save your marriage.  Of course, avoiding alimony in the state of Florida, agreements custody matters, or a fight over Palm Beach child support are added bonuses. Not to mention the attorney fees costs that go into the financial cost divorce takes. Alimony awards stink if you’re the one whose paying as the result of a parties marriage. Why set your self up for disaster?

how to save your marriage Boca Raton, FLBest Boca Raton Divorce Attorneys Advice on How to Save Your Marriage? Wait to Walk Down the Aisle.

If you were the kid sleeping in the back of high school English class, do yourself a favor and take a quick peruse of Polonius’s advice to his son in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. While the whole speech is pretty on point, the highlight comes with his simple words of wisdom ‘above all, to thine own self be true.’  This type of parent child advice should not be ignored. There wasn’t a child support service or child services department back then so this is about as good as it gets.

How to Save Your Marriage and Avoid Florida Divorce Cost by Channeling Shakespeare

Those of us who came up in the 80s or after are fortunate in this department. The natural progression from young adulthood to settling down is a gap that has widened with time. This has allowed us the luxury of truly figuring out who we are before becoming marriage spouses. Perhaps the greatest issue I see leading to divorce in Florida is not that one person has changed. Instead, it is usually the case that one or both people realized that their once perfect match is no longer the lid to their pot. That’s the funny thing about life. People rarely change, but it is certain that they will evolve. If you really want to know how to save your marriage, you better learn that lesson real fast. Arguments over parents custody and spouses stress over late alimony payments are also usually helped by accepting this information.

The Cost of Florida Divorce Can Be More of an Emotional Burden than a Financial One.

Although it may seem counter intuitive to take advice on how to save your marriage from a divorce attorney in Palm Beach Fl, bear with me. It’s not just lip service. Instead of viewing McIlroy’s decision to end his relationship with his fiance days after their wedding invites went out as a tragedy, it’s actually a commendable triumph. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the parties were walking into a child custody agreement five years down the line. Not to mention time at child support offices. In conclusion, just because two people are in love, marriage shouldn’t be the automatic next step.

Save Yourself from Negotiating a Custody Agreement or Palm Beach Child Support by Refusing to Settle

Both are in their early twenties and have been dating since 2011. When I was nineteen I had a conversation with my boyfriend about the book I was reading, Anna Karenina. He had never heard of it. In trying to connect the dots for him, I mentioned a few other novels the author had written. His response? “Who is Warren Peace?”

For this reason, I believe George Clooney’s sign of maturity should be equally applauded. One sure way to avoid the divorce Florida cost is waiting until you find someone who knows who they are and whose interests are in line with your own. After all, if I had become the equivalent of Lois Griffin, I’d certainly be checking the divorced box by the time I filled out my law school application. It makes perfect sense that in learning how to save your marriage, the first step is not to marry the wrong person.

If You Can’t Avoid Palm Beach Child Support or a Custody Agreement, at Least Handle them with Self Awareness

The point is, if you want to decrease your chances of ending up in a long, protracted battle over a box of unused kitchen utensils, remember this. Don’t get married until you know exactly who you are. The truth of the matter is, the things you decided to ignore or gloss over about your bride or groom on your wedding day are inevitably the things that will lead you to call it quits. The last thing you want is a custody agreement parent ruining your life. Of course, compromise is imperative. On the other hand, everyone has certain wants or desires that should never be compromised and only you can determine what those are as they apply to you. Only when you have determined your own happiness can you be happy with another, so if you want to avoid Florida divorce cost work on yourself first. Boom. Marriage saved.

As Khalil Gibran said in The Prophet: stand together yet not too near together for the pillars of the temple stand apart, and the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow. 

how to save your marriage Boca Raton, FLThe Basics of Palm Beach Child Support

Every Palm Beach child support order entered on or after October 1, 2010, must include certain information.

  1. For Palm Beach child support to terminate on a child’s 18th birthday. This is unless the court finds or previously found the child to be dependent or the parties agree otherwise.
  2. The amount of the monthly child support obligation for all the minor children at the time of the order.
  3. The amount of child support owed for any children after one or more of the children are no longer subject to the order.
  4. The month, day, and year that the reduction or termination of Palm Beach child support.

Deviations to Palm Beach Child Support

Palm Beach child support guidelines establish the amount ordered in both an initial proceeding and a proceeding for modification of an existing order. The court may order Palm Beach child support which varies, plus or minus 5 percent, from the child support guidelines worksheet amount. This is done after considering several factors included in Florida Statutes 61.30.

  1. The needs of the children.
  2. The ages of the children.
  3. Their station in life.
  4. Their standard of living.
  5. The financial status and ability of each parent.

The court may order Palm Beach child support in an amount which varies more than 5 percent from the guideline amount under certain circumstances. A written record as to why Palm Beach child support based on the guidelines is unjust or inappropriate is required.

The Basics of Alimony in the State of Florida

There are certain rules to determine whether to award alimony in the state of Florida. First, a court must first make specific findings of fact. The family court judge needs to determine whether either party has an actual need for alimony in the state of Florida and whether the other spouse has the ability to pay. If the court finds that a party has a need for alimony in the state of Florida and that the other party has the ability to pay, on to step two. Next, the proper type and amount of alimony is decided. There are different forms of Florida alimony as well.

  1. Bridge the gap
  2. Rehabilitative
  3. Durational, or
  4. Permanent

An alimony court can award any combination of these forms. Florida alimony can be either periodic payments or payments in lump sum or both.

The Length of Marriage and Alimony In the State of Florida

Florida alimony has a lot to do with the length of the parties marriage.

  1. A short-term marriage is less than 7 years
  2. A moderate-term marriage is greater than 7 years but less than 17 years
  3. A long-term marriage is 17 years of more

The length of a marriage is the period of time from the date of marriage to the date of filing a petition for divorce.

how to save your marriage Boca Raton, FLCustody Agreement Basics

For purposes of creating a Florida custody agreement, the best interest of the child holds top priority. Florida family court judges determine the best interests of the child by evaluating several factors.

  1. The demonstrated capacity and disposition of each parent to facilitate and encourage a close and continuing parent-child relationship. This includes honoring the time sharing schedule and being reasonable when changes to the custody agreement are required.
  2. The anticipated division of parental responsibilities after a custody agreement is formalized.
  3. The demonstrated capacity and disposition of each parent to determine, consider, and act upon the needs of the child as opposed to their own.
  4. The length of time the child has lived in a stable, satisfactory environment and the desirability of maintaining continuity.
  5. The geographic viability of the custody agreement.
  6. The moral fitness of the parents.
  7. The mental and physical health of the parents.
  8. The home, school, and community record of the child.
  9. The reasonable preference of the child. This is in the court’s discretion.
  10. The demonstrated knowledge, capacity, and disposition of each parent to know the circumstances of the minor child.
  11. The demonstrated capacity and disposition of each parent to provide a consistent routine for the child.

Additional Custody Agreement Factors to Consider

  1. The demonstrated capacity of each parent to communicate with and keep the other parent informed of issues and activities regarding the minor child.
  2. Evidence of domestic violence, sexual violence, child abuse, child abandonment, or child neglect.
  3. Evidence that either parent has knowingly provided false information to the court regarding any prior or pending action regarding domestic violence, sexual violence, child abuse, child abandonment, or child neglect.
  4. The particular parenting tasks customarily performed by each parent before the custody agreement and during the pending litigation.
  5. The demonstrated capacity and disposition of each parent to participate and be involved in the child’s school and extracurricular activities.
  6. The demonstrated capacity and disposition of each parent to maintain an environment for the child which is free from substance abuse.
  7. The capacity and disposition of each parent to protect the child from ongoing litigation.
  8. The developmental stages and needs of the child and the demonstrated capacity and disposition of each parent to meet the child’s developmental needs.
  9. Any other factor that is relevant to the determination of a specific custody agreement, including the time sharing schedule.

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