Divorce Laws in Florida and Broward County Court Reality Check

divorce laws in Florida Broward County, FLWhat County is Boca Raton in? and Where Does it Fall On the Scale of Florida Divorce Statistics?

This post goes beyond divorce laws in Florida and Broward County court. To begin, Boca Raton is in Palm Beach County. However, the divorce process is the same in both South Florida counties.

Wait, What County is Boca Raton In? OMG, isn’t Palm Beach, like, so Wealthy? Their Florida Divorce Statistics Must be Amazing! I Mean, really, Divorce Laws in Florida Don’t Apply to Rich People, Duh!

Making decisions based on other people’s experiences makes zero sense. Why, then, should you care about locating Florida divorce statistics? You don’t need to scour the public records to know that the divorce state is skyrocketing no matter your zip code. There seems to be an epidemic in society where celebrity divorce is glamorized and actual divorce laws in Florida are overlooked.  For example, the recent public surge of the short term marriage ending in the same number divorces. This isn’t necessarily a new trend, think Britney in Vegas.

Instead, the decision to jump into marriage has become more popular as younger generations are waiting to launch their careers before the search to marry. This results in a shrug of a thirty-something’s shoulders who figures the person who shares their bed will probably be a worthy shuffleboard partner in forty years. Why not take the plunge? After all, the clocks ticking and you don’t want to have to resort to anything that will result in you or your partner being the next Octo-Mom.

divorce laws in Florida Broward County, FLFlorida Divorce Laws aren’t Glamorous

Fast forward 72 days, and you’re in the same boat as Kim Kardashian. You realize that Florida marriage isn’t just the end of anxiety over who to count as a plus-one and some new bling. The decision to jump the broom should never be based on the fear of loneliness or the desire to bring your Pinterest vision to life. Sadly, it’s too late. You’ve just become another number that makes up the latest Florida divorce statistics.

Each Divorce, Whether it Happens in Broward County Court or Palm Beach, is Unique

Unfortunately, the money YOU spent on your lavish wedding service wasn’t just disposable income and now you have joint debt to worry about.  Sadly, YOU can’t just jump into your Bentley and head off to the Riviera for a yoga retreat. YOU cannot go through your rolodex and call Ryan Reynolds or Bradley Cooper to get your mind off things. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the zip codes included to the answer to what county is Boca Raton in or not. Like all other states Florida law is the same in all cities and in every circuit court. Whether the news report is stating they have the highest divorce rates or not. You don’t need an attorney law degree to know that much.

Newsflash: Florida Divorce Statistics Don’t Matter

Then, there’s the other side of the spectrum. Athletes leaving their wives and kids for supermodels. Women who have outrageously complex divorce parties to celebrate the end of their short term marriage.  Again, there are countless examples of the average joe who use celebrity divorce as motivation to start new lives. The marriage rate is shrinking but not how we rate divorce. Sure, civil divorce parties are fun. When all of your girlfriends are go through it together, it seems like it will be just like the good old days. When you all piled into a cab and hit the town. Hitting all the usual sites looking for a bar where the traffic consists of studs waiting to buy you a drink.

divorce laws in Florida Broward County, FLDivorce Laws in Florida are the Real Deal

Except now, the only prospects are fat, bald, middle aged men. Those who have kids of their own and left their wives because of all the drama they brought. Or, maybe you’re one of those middle aged men who want something more and believe a young, fun 20-something is where it’s at. Except now, the only 20-somethings who are interested in you are strictly in it for the money and most definitely not ready to become “step-mom” to a kid four years younger than her.

Instead of popping bottles and enjoying the good life, suddenly you are at home with a $10 bottle of wine, looking through old pictures. Thinking about what you gave up and the trauma of having spent countless days in courthouses in front of judges who couldn’t care less. Kicking yourself for buying into the comfort you once found in Florida divorce statistics.

Celebrity Divorce Really isn’t that Cool, Especially when You Experience Divorce Laws in Florida Firsthand

The moral of the story is: celebrities are human. Every person has their own hang-ups, their own stories, their own reasons for taking certain actions. Just because someone smiles for the camera doesn’t mean they aren’t miserable when the spotlight is off. Marriage is hard work and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Neither should divorce. Florida divorce statistics shouldn’t even be on your radar. The decision to enter in to either needs to be yours and yours alone. The most important thing you can do is to get educated. Know what a divorce entails and what your options are, both financially and how to cope emotionally.

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