Divorce Advice on How to Stay Sane in South Florida Family Court


divorce advice Boca Raton, FLTo Get the Best Divorce, a Palm Beach Family Lawyer is a Necessity

Divorce advice isn’t a one size fits all proposition. Consequently, the best advice must be individually tailored. If being just another cog on a revolving assembly line is of concern, look no further.

What County is Boca Raton FL in?

Let’s start at square one: knowing where to file for divorce in Florida The proper venue for either party to file for divorce is the county where the couple last resided as husband and wife. For example, if a party lives in Boca Raton, the divorce should be filed in Palm Beach County. Alternatively, if a couple’s home lies within the limits of Fort Lauderdale, filing is proper in Broward County.

Is there Common Law Marriage in Florida?

If you haven’t figured it out, Boca Raton attorneys can’t give the best divorce advice without covering the basics. In the good old days, the answer to is there common law marriage in Florida was yes. Florida common law was when a couple lived together for a period of time. They held themselves out to friends, family and the public as being married. Consequently, these couples enjoyed the benefits of being married.

Is there Common Law Marriage in Florida Today? Does FL Recognize Common Law Marriages from Other States?

Florida ceased to recognize common law marriages between cohabitating women and men in 1968. This doesn’t invalidate a common law marriage entered into after this date in another state that recognizes it as a valid marriage. This means that although there is no common law marriage in Florida, the Palm Beach divorce court recognizes these marriages. Consequently, the marriage is valid if it was recognized law in the state the couple said their vows. This is especially relevant as couples who believe they are in a common law marriage and will, therefore, be candidates for Florida divorce, are mistaken.

divorce advice Boca Raton, FLBoca Raton Attorneys Best Divorce Advice

You have finally reached the point of no return. You are ready to march straight into West Palm Beach divorce court and shout that the time has come. Things are no longer bearable with your spouse. You can’t remember the last time you walked in the house and didn’t feel trapped in a life you can’t stand. You’ve spent countless hours recording your exit strategy with your therapist. And your best friend. And your secretary.

You’re up to your ears in divorce advice. You started running again. You even began a search for information on the cities best dating service. And drinking that expensive scotch your spouse never let you have. Things are good. No, things are great! Your confidence is back and you are finally reconnecting with yourself. Now, all that’s left for you to reclaim your happiness are four little words. I want a divorce. Sounds easy enough right? GULP.

The Best Divorce Advice Boca Raton Attorneys Can Give: Follow Your Heart

People stay stuck in unhappy marriages because they can’t summon the courage to enter a Palm Beach divorce court. There are usually control issues and the unhappy spouse is constantly walking on eggshells. When I read that Katie Holmes had used a disposable cell phone to contact divorce lawyers and make sure her affairs were in order, I was impressed. Holmes made sure her plan was in motion before spilling the beans to Tom Cruise that TomKat was joining the ranks of Vaughniston and Bennifer. Genius.

Without this type of planning, a person can lose sight of his or her goal after working up the courage to break the news,  I want a divorce. The process becomes reactive instead of proactive and all of a sudden a spouse is fighting tooth and nail for things they don’t even want.

Knowledge is power. When someone knows what he or she is entitled to, they are able to take the emotion out of things. This keeps a person from falling prey to intimidation via empty threats of the other spouse. The best way to find confidence through empowerment is to ensure receipt of the best divorce advice out there from a South Florida Family lawyer.

Family Law Attorneys on What to File with the Palm Beach Divorce Court

Florida divorce can be intimidating. This is especially true if there aren’t any Boca Raton attorneys on your speed dial or email list. And no, the personal injury attorney Boca business isn’t the right place to get the best divorce advice.  Injuries may be suffered, but not that kind. Florida states there are three types of the laws divorce that you can file:

  1. Simplified Dissolution of Marriage
  2. Uncontested Divorce
  3. Contested Divorce

Is Simplified Dissolution of Marriage the Best Divorce?

Not everyone will personally qualify to take advantage of this service. There is certain information that must be sworn to a Palm Beach County divorce court to be able to file for Simplified Dissolution. First, there can’t be any child custody issues. This factor is easy to discern since both parties must file a business form that they share no minor children and that the wife is not pregnant. Bonus tip: make sure there aren’t any accidents prior to filing!

Second, the parties mist have have agreed to a satisfactory division of property and the payment of their business and marital debt. The last requirement  is that both parties in the relationship file and appear together at the final hearing. Some think this is at the top of the best divorce list because of the privacy allowed. This is the only type of Florida divorce in which parties aren’t required to file a financial affidavit with the court.

Divorce Advice When Simplified Dissolution of Marriage isn’t Right for You

If you and your spouse has everything figured out, but children are involved. In this instance, a party can file for uncontested divorce. This is usually relevant if there is a prenup or a post marital agreement. Even if parties have all children divorce  issues squared away, a parenting plan must be filed. A Florida parenting plan is an agreement that details the parties time sharing arrangement as well as matters having to do with support money.

The Best Divorce Advice for Uncontested Divorce

The last category of Florida divorce is for parties who are unable to enter a post marital agreement, with or without the help of South Florida divorce lawyers. A common misconception is that uncontested divorce always equals a battle in West Palm Beach divorce court. Don’t let semantics fool you. Contested divorce in Florida simply means that there are still issues that need to be ironed out. Getting stuck on the technicalities of the  Florida divorce process will only lead to more stress and confusion. The first step to maintain your sanity during this overwhelming time is to find a  South Florida lawyer you can trust to provide the best divorce advice possible.

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Palm Beach County Divorce Lawyers Practice Areas Include:

  • Florida Prenuptial Agreement

  • Post Marital Agreement

  • Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

  • Contested Divorce

  • Uncontested Divorce

  • High Net Worth Divorce

  • Annulment

  • Florida Alimony Laws

  • Equitable Distribution

  • Division of Retirement Benefits In Florida Divorce

  • Legal Separation Agreement

  • Division of Property

  • Imputing Income

  • Dissipation of Marital Assets

  • Modification of Alimony Payments

  • Florida Modification of Child Support

  • Modification Of Child Custody In Florida

  • Florida Child Support Enforcement

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