Contempt Definition in Florida Divorce Papers Demystified

contempt definition Boca Raton, FLDelray Beach Divorce Attorneys Explain Contempt of Court Florida Rules

The contempt definition, and it’s complexities, can be confusing. When a party violates a civil courts order, it’s only logical for frustration to follow. This post focuses on indirect contempt of court and the process of filing a Florida motion for contempt.

Drowning in Florida Divorce Papers and Worried about Contempt of Court?

Four leaf clover. Double rainbow. A clean break from your Ex. Sure, all of these exist. But actually experiencing them is pretty unlikely. And apparently pretty freaking mind blowing. If you take that YouTube dude’s word for it, that is. Once a final judgment is entered, you assume it’s the last time you’ll have to think about divorce papers. Even after all of the arguments. And mud slinging at the hearing. And threats. Oh, and of course, borderline stalking.

I hate to be the one to burst your bubble. But, that line ‘a leopard never changes its spots’ rings true. If your former soul mate is a jerk, you shouldn’t assume they will fully comply with the terms of your Florida divorce  That would be about as wise a strategy as the Ravens head office has for next season. In conclusion, a horrible position to find yourself in.

Delray Beach Divorce Attorneys Provide the Contempt Definition Found in Florida Divorce Papers

The English dictionary defines contempt as the feeling with which a person regards anything considered mean, vile, or worthless. The synonyms found in dictionaries contempt words are disdain, despising, and scorn. You can put away your thesaurus when it comes to divorce forms and legal forms generally. This is because there are two distinct actions that compose divorces definition of contempt.

  1. Showing disrespect to the judge or other attorneys or causing a disturbance in the courtroom.
  2. Willful failure to obey an order of the court.

contempt definition Boca Raton, FLDelray Beach Divorce Attorneys Respond: Alex, What Is a Motion for Contempt Florida?

You don’t need to know the precise contempt definition to know you spent a ridiculous amount of time and money on your Palm Beach County divorce. You decided to hire your sister’s neighbors cousin who gave you a deal. Sure he practices insurance defense and mentioned that he likes a challenge on several occasions.  It sounded like a good idea at the time, alright?!

The threat of violating an order has proven less than effective when it comes to your ex. Your form has changed from eager anticipation to constant frustration. All you wanted was to divorce legally and now you can’t even seem to get that done. What possible remedy do you have for a lack of compliance?

Ding, ding, ding. Filing a Florida motion for contempt for civil sanctions may be just what you are looking for. Civil sanctions can force a party to follow the order court entered. Not to mention compensate you for the money you spent in having to drag your ex back to court.

Certain findings are necessary for a Florida judge to hold a party in contempt of court. First, the order giving rise to to the action must be one which clearly and definitely makes the person aware of its command. Second, the trial court must find that the person has the ability to comply with the court order. A party’s financial position must be evaluated before a fine can be imposed.

The Contempt Definition Florida Abides By is Important when Filing Florida Divorce Papers

The three primary concerns for the divorce family judge are:

  1. Whether the underlying judgment is clear and distinct
  2. Whether the respondent showed intent to violate the judgment, and,
  3. If there is contempt of court, whether there is an ability to comply

There are many reasons why a party may fail to obey a judgment or provisions of Florida divorce papers. The contempt definition has not been satisfied until it’s been proven that the respondent intentionally and willfully violated the judgment. The use of civil contempt sanctions is limited to those used to compel compliance with a court order. Or to compensate a moving party for losses that resulted from it. Contempt sanctions intended to punish an offender or to vindicate the authority of the court are criminal in nature and fall under the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure.

The Basics of the Motion for Contempt Florida Rules

A Florida motion for contempt that seeks criminal contempt may be direct or indirect. Direct criminal contempt is when the conduct which constitutes the contempt happens in the actual presence of the court. The offending party must be informed of the accusation before they can be found guilty. Once the party is notified, they have an opportunity to show cause as to why they shouldn’t be found guilty of contempt scorn. This is done by presenting evidence of excusing or mitigating circumstances.

Perjury in Florida Divorce Papers

A witness who commits perjury during trial can be held in direct criminal contempt. For a witness to be held in direct criminal contempt based on perjury, certain things have to be proven.

  1. That the alleged perjury had an obstructive effect
  2. That there was judicial knowledge of the falsity
  3. That the testimony in question was pertinent to the issue at hand

contempt definition Boca Raton, FLA Motion for Contempt or Criminal Contempt of Court for Florida Child Custody Issues follow Different Procedural Rules

Contempt and criminal aren’t words the court takes lightly. Criminal contempt is a crime in the eyes of the court, as the name suggests. Consequently, the same constitutional due process protections afforded to a criminal defendant must be provided.

If civil contempt of court isn’t proper or effective, Delray Beach divorce attorneys turn to indirect criminal contempt. As a result, punishment is more severe under this category. This is because it can include either jail time or a hefty fine.

The Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure have to be strictly followed. The hearings must be recorded and counsel service must be provided if a party can’t afford to hire an attorney. If this type of motion for contempt is granted, a judge signs an order directed to the defendant. It states the allegations of the criminal contempt charged and requires the defendant to appear before the court. The party then must show cause as to why they shouldn’t be held in contempt of court.

Delray Beach Divorce Attorneys Explain that a Finding of Contempt of Court for Child Custody Stands Alone

During your divorce, your ex may be ordered to pay child support and also awarded time sharing. If he or she misses a payment, your next move may be to refuse to follow the time share schedule. While this may seem like the logical reaction, it’s a bad idea. In this case, the court can find you in contempt of court for the violation of child custody provisions in your parenting plan. Regardless of your ex’s non-compliance with support payments. This also goes both ways. The other parent must not fail to pay any ordered child support even if a party is found in contempt of court for violation of a child custody order. Furthermore, a court can’t suspend child support as punishment for a parent found in contempt of court in a child custody matter.

contempt definition Boca Raton, FLContempt of Court for a Child Custody Order Entered in Another State: Is the Contempt Definition Universal?

Before contempt of court of a child custody provision issued in another state can be found, a party must register the foreign judgment in Florida. The procedure is especially relevant because certain documents have to be filed before Florida forms court jurisdiction.

  1. File the order as a foreign judgment
  2. Serve notice and provide parties with an opportunity to contest the registration

The registration is confirmed as a matter of law unless it’s contested.  A Florida court has a mandatory duty to recognize and enforce a child custody determination of a court in another state. This also goes for foreign divorce petitions. As a result, a Florida judge can properly find contempt of court child custody if a parent hasn’t complied with the out of state visitation order.

Best Delray Beach Divorce Attorneys Advice to Understand Florida Divorce Papers: Know the Contempt Definition

Most of all, your Boca Raton Family Lawyer should understand how important it is to put the drama of your case behind you. The poetic genius of Tupac is gospel in this situation.  You can’t deny the power of these words, even if you find rap to be a form of contemptible English. “You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation. Trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened. Or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the f–k on.”

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