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Boca Raton family law attorney - Palm Beach County, FLDoes the Custody Definition Change under Florida Custody Laws for Unmarried Parents?

Boca Raton Family Law Attorney, Jordan Gerber, Esq., explains the role of a parenting coordinator under Florida custody laws for unmarried parents.

Cookie Cutter Parenting Plan Examples May not Work for Everyone

You aren’t planning on inviting your ex over for Sunday brunch anytime soon. This doesn’t include the laxative pancakes you’ve been thinking of whipping up all year. Sure, there are the lucky few who get together for blended family camping trips. But most aren’t willing to get anywhere near their ex when he or she is holding a hot poker high in the air. Even if they swear the sole purpose is for roasting marshmallows.

Of course, you don’t regret your time together. After all, you got your kids out of the relationship. But, the million dollar question still lingers. How are you supposed to figure out a custody definition that works with someone whose mere presence makes you gag? Consequently, no one ever said parenting children was easy. Divorce parenting is a whole new ball game.

Boca Raton Family Law Attorney, Jordan Gerber, Esq.,  Understands it’s Difficult to Navigate Florida Custody Laws for Unmarried Parents Alone

Your intentions are good. You’ve made the decision that you want to work together for the best interests of your shared DNA. But you’re conflicted. You have no idea how to make that happen with words rather than bodily injury. You’ve tried to follow your friends parenting plan examples but their custody definition isn’t the same as the one in your custody children dictionary. Assistance of a court ordered parenting coordinator may be just what you’re looking for. Furthermore, parties can learn valuable lessons from a neutral third party like communication and problem solving skills.

The coordinator acts as a middle man to assist a Boca Raton Family Law Attorney in developing a parenting plan children can follow. The coordinator promotes a peaceful resolution, making recommendations directly in the plan parents can follow.  This also saves you from airing your dirty family children laundry in public. It can also help the parent child dynamic with plans children can follow for school and outside activities. Unless there is cause for alarm, the family court does not have access to the information shared between the care custodial parties and the parenting coordinator.

Boca Raton family law attorney - Palm Beach County, FLA Parenting Coordinator can Provide Parenting Plan Examples under Florida Child Custody Laws for Unmarried Parents

A parenting coordinator isn’t appropriate in every Florida child custody case in which parental responsibility is at issue. However, if the parents need assistance with a workable custody definition, the court can appoint a service to help. This can empower the parents to attempt to address their children divorce issues.

In addition, a parenting coordinator can help in correcting impairments and problems and develop a care child plan that works for both parents. Florida child custody laws for unmarried parents are tough to navigate on your own. Another advantage is that this allows fathers and mothers to receive guidance to plans child future. All while protecting mothers and fathers rights.

A Florida Parenting Coordinator can Assist a Boca Raton Family Law Attorney to Help Parents Learn to Effectively Communicate

A guardian ad litem primarily assists the family court and Boca Raton Family Law Attorney to protect childs rights. On the other hand, a parenting coordinator primarily assists the parents in creating a parenting plan and time sharing arrangement that works for both of them. Parenting coordination helps the parties to learn and reach resolution of issues between themselves. Most of all, they work with the parties to resolve problems between them, or identify problems for court resolution.

A coordinator doesn’t tell the court how to make a decision under Florida child custody laws. This doesn’t stop them from providing couples with parenting plan examples. The parenting coordinator is like a therapist mediator, but with provisions for the professional to be able to communicate with the court. Florida Statute gives clear guidance as to the:

  • Purpose of the appointment
  • Role of the coordinator
  • Referral by the court
  • Qualifications and rules for disqualification
  • Fees, confidentiality, and communication with the court
  • Liability of a parenting coordinator

Boca Raton family law attorney - Palm Beach County, FLBoca Raton Family Law Attorney Warns Unmarried Parents of the Danger of Focusing on Florida Custody Laws

Florida child custody laws limit confidentiality of a parenting coordinator under certain circumstances:

  • If it’s necessary to identify an issue for resolution under the court’s custody definition
  • Communication is allowed if it relates to a party’s compliance with an order of referral
  • Orders for psychological evaluation aren’t confidential
  • If the case is no longer appropriate for parent coordination.
  • If the Florida parenting coordinator is not qualified to address or resolve certain issues and a more qualified parenting coordinator should be appointed

Best Boca Raton Lawyers Advice? Find Florida Child Custody Solutions Instead of Focusing on the Custody Definition

Parties able to figure out a parenting plan and time sharing schedule that works for their different parenting styles is difficult, but not impossible. Consequently, this leads to reduced stress and the ability to avoid unnecessary legal fees due to a Florida custody battle. In conclusion, pretty much a win/win.

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