A Lawyers Advice for Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce Financial Planning: Just Do It

Even if the prospect of attaining independence following divorce seems like manna from heaven to most, one aspect of this new-found freedom is often overlooked by many scorned spouses. This oversight just so happens to present the perfect opportunity to gauge a divorce lawyers advice on financial recovery (crazy, huh?!). While the thought of taking control of one’s own finances following the cessation of dreaded bliss may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Following these simple steps can help ease any former spouse’s transition to financial independence:

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From a divorce lawyers perspective,  is imperative to include important safeguards in your settlement agreement or final judgment to protect you if your ex defaults on his financial obligations (ie the payment of joint debts). If not, you would be wise to keep a close eye on your credit report. If your former life partner welches on his promise (typical), creditors could care less what your final judgment says and will be knocking down your door if he doesn’t cough up the dough. Further, if any joint accounts are still active subsequent to you bidding adieu to the old ball and chain, make sure you request a freeze on the account to avoid any suspicious charges to Diamond Dolls or Intermix in the future.

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It is also extremely important to school yourself as to any tax consequence that may result from your divorce (ie you may want to think about replacing Delivery Dudes on your speed dial with your new accountants digits). In the same vein, you will also want to create a trusted divorce financial planning team to manage your reconfigured portfolio and calculate a workable budget. This not only ensures your future financial stability, but will also provide you with peace of mind. While you’re at it, it’s also a smart move to throw an estate planning attorney into the mix to make sure your ex’s grubby little hands are kept far away from your loot.

 Divorce Financial Planning Can Save You From A Future of Regret

The most important lesson you can learn, in this divorce lawyers opinion, is to get by with a little help from your friends (or hired professionals). This is probably the biggest transition you will face in life, don’t try to go it alone. Whether you seek assistance from a therapist, career counselor or life coach (or all three if necessary), do yourself a solid and take the leap. You have a new number one to look out for and there certainly ain’t no shame in that game.

divorce financial planningTo save yourself from future headache, it is important to retain qualified divorce lawyers who understand the necessary steps to take to preserve your financial security following a divorce in Florida. When it comes to divorce financial planning, as Rick Ross eloquently fashions, “protect you from brokeness”.


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