How To Get The Protection of A Prenup Without the Hassle

prenupThe Importance of a Prenup

Although most divorce and family law cases have similar themes, each has it’s own idiosyncrasies. And like the cases themselves, each party carries his or her own particularities and their respective code of conduct from which they draw inspiration to live meaningful lives. Some prefer the advice of a spiritual leader, while others find comfort in self help books. I, on the other hand, have found that I need to look no further for inspiration than the greatest rap lyricists of our time. From a personal perspective there is Biggie: sky is the limit and you know that you can have what you want, be what you want. And, when it comes to counseling clients, I of course channel Pac: when they tell you you ain’t nothin don’t believe em, and if they can’t learn to love you you should leave em, forgive but don’t forget, keep your head up. That said, it should come as no surprise that when trying to communicate  the staggering importance of securing a prenuptial agreement before taking the plunge, I simply defer to my Spotify playlist, ‘backseat of a caddy’.

If You Ain’t No Punk Holla, We Want Prenup!

If you happened to be of drinking age in 2005 or listened to anything but the classical music channel on AM radio, you heard Kanye’s Gold Digger hook ad nausea. However, my favorite insight on this topic was spit by much lesser known Greenie, a protege of KRS-One. Allow me to preface this with the disclaimer that if you are currently not of drinking age or still listening solely to Mozart, you might want to call it a day and close your computer. With that, it would be a travesty to attempt to have any meaningful conversation about the aforementioned without sharing these lyrics: Prenups are like condoms that I can use in court, so my money don’t get STD’d- stolen through divorce. You said we’d stay together right, always and forever right? If you tellin the truth, then I’m a use this sh*t never right?

There are a few other quotable lines in there, but at the risk of being disciplined by the Florida Bar, I’ll go ahead and take the liberty of omitting them.

The Point Is: You Need A Prenup

prenuptial agreementThink of it this way, you just bought a gorgeous waterfront home. You can barely contain your excitement at the thought of your new acquisition and are amazed at the sheer joy thinking of all of the good times and memories to be made. Thankfully, your investment lives up to your wildest expectations… Until Hurricane Lolita comes through wiping out both your dreams of the life you had envisioned and the hard work you spent making the house your home. Thankfully, you were smart enough to follow the advice of the Killa Beez and protect ya neck with an insurance policy just in case the unimaginable should occur. The same fact pattern applies to tying the knot. No one enters marriage thinking that their intended will morph into the devil incarnate, doing whatever he or she can to make sure you’re left having to take a second job at Pizza Hut. Sure, asking for a prenup can be uncomfortable at best. Thankfully, like the genie in Aladdin (pour out a little liquor), in my next post I will advise you how to safeguard your interests without the risk of sleeping on the couch before your journey into wedded bliss.


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