Rehabilitative Alimony in Florida


Rehabilitative Alimony

 Chances are, if you’ve ever been friends with (or in earshot of) someone going through a divorce, you’ve probably heard the following: “I can’t believe that *%#*, I rescued her from that dead end job she had at the (insert: salon/day care/strip club) and she hasn’t had to lift a finger since! And now she wants alimony?! That *&#(*$%gold digger, I should have known!” Or, alternatively, “When we first got married, you would have thought his last name was Buffett because of all the money he made investing!  One day, I come home from a 12 hour work day to find him sitting in his underwear crying about how tough the market is… and that was five years ago! Now, that *$#)*@*# jerk has the nerve to ask ME for spousal support?! *&@# him!”

The next time you have the pleasure of encountering one of these fine ladies or gents, simply tap them on the shoulder and tell them to cool their jets as you may have the answer to their problem. While there are a variety of types of alimony awarded in Florida, to be discussed in subsequent posts; in this scenario, this type of short term spousal support may be just what the doctor (or therapist) ordered. Rehabilitative alimony is appropriate when a marriage affects the recipient’s ability to obtain the same or similar employment following the parties’ split. Perhaps one party let their license expire or bid adieu to the job market to take care of the kids? TA-DA, rehabilitative alimony may be awarded to assist a party in establishing the capacity for self-support through either (1) the redevelopment of previous skills or credentials; or (2) the acquisition of education, training, or work experience necessary to develop appropriate employment skills or credentials.  In order to secure an award of rehabilitative alimony, there must be a specific and defined rehabilitative plan which will be included as a part of any order awarding same.

rehabilitative alimonyThere are many nuances to drafting an acceptable, and thereby valid, rehabilitative plan and not every payee is a candidate for rehabilitative alimony. At The Law Office of Jordan Gerber, we evaluate the circumstances surrounding each individual client’s situation to tailor an alimony award that is appropriate for them; whether they are the payor or the recipient. Click Boca Raton Divorce Attorney to schedule your consultation today and avoid being hoodwinked by your former flame.


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