Why Every Divorce is Different


As a Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer, I see it every day. Lately, there seems to be an epidemic inHollywoodof glamorizing divorce that everyday Joe and Jenny are adopting as their own.  And, sadly, it ain’t workin out too well. Take the recent outbreak of the 3 month marriage. Now, this isn’t necessarily a new trend (think Britney Spears in Vegas), but the decision to jump into marriage has been exacerbated as of late due to women waiting later to get hitched to follow their own career paths and just the general acceptance of getting married later in life. A lot of times, this results in waking up post-30, looking at the guy next to you who seems like he would be a worthy shuffleboard partner in 40 years and deciding to take the plunge because hey, the clocks ticking and you don’t want to have to resort to anything that will result in you being the next Octo-Mom. Fast forward 72 days, and you’re in the same boat as Kim Kardashian realizing that marriage isn’t just not having to worry about a plus-one and an amazing new ring.

divorceNo doubt, you both will be stronger for realizing your independence and not settling for something that didn’t make you as blissful as you dreamed of and hats off to her for being strong! Unfortunately, the money YOU spent on your lavish wedding wasn’t just disposable income and you now have joint debt to worry about.  Sadly, YOU can’t just jump into your Bentley and head off to theRivierafor a yoga retreat before YOU go through your rolodex and call Ryan Reynolds or Bradley Cooper to get your mind off things.


Then, there’s the other side of the spectrum. Athletes leaving their wives and kids for supermodels. Women having divorce parties to celebrate the end of their ten year marriages.  Again, I have seen countless examples of Joes and Jennys taking this as motivation to start new lives. The problems here are the same. Sure, divorce parties are fun, and when all of your girlfriends are going through it together it seems like it will be just like the good old days when you all piled into a cab and hit the town looking for a good time. Except now, you look around and the only prospects are fat, bald middle aged men who have kids of their own and left their wives because of all the drama they brought so they sure aren’t ready for yours. Or, you are one of those middle aged men who want something more and believe a young, fun 20-something is where it’s at. Except now, the only 20-somethings who are interested in you are strictly in it for the money and most definitely not ready to become “step-mom” to a kid four years younger than her. Instead of popping bottles and enjoying the good life, suddenly you are at home with a $10 bottle of wine, looking through old pictures, thinking about what you gave up.


divorceThe moral of the story is: celebrities are human. Every person has their own hang-ups, their own stories, their own reasons for taking certain actions. Just because someone is smiling for the camera doesn’t mean he or she isn’t miserable when the spotlight is off. Marriage is hard work and should not be taken lightly. Neither should divorce. The decision to enter in to either needs to be yours and yours alone. For the latter, the most important thing you can do is to get educated. Know what a divorce entails and what your options are, both financially and how to cope emotionally. There are many intricacies to a divorce and everyone’s is different. Whether its Kim Kardashian or Jenny Smith down the street, each situation requires an individually tailored plan to best suit your unique circumstances in handling your divorce. \

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