Why You Need To Demand A Prenuptial Agreement

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Kanye didn’t pull the line “Holla, we want prenup, we want prenup” out of thin air. You can learn your lesson as to the importance of getting a Prenuptial Agreement straight from the headlines. Take the recent brouhaha over Kobe Bryant’s divorce. People are incensed at the idea of Vanessa Bryant standing to take half of the millions earned by his years of blood, sweat and tears while the only work she did was finger exercises to avoid a sprain from that ridiculously fabulous diamond ring. Granted, she probably deserves a good chunk of change for standing by her man after allegations of infidelity and (albeit subsequently dismissed) rape charges…  (hey, money may not buy love but who’s to say it can’t buy dignity)… BUT HALF?!


And what do I say to that, you might ask? HECK YEAH, HALF! You best believe Black Mamba deserves to bid adieu to every last cent of that money because he didn’t think it necessary for Wifey to sign a prenup. I know, I know, you can’t blame a guy for being blinded by love; especially when she’s his high school sweetheart. But once #24 was caught openly having extramarital relations with other women, the thought probably should have crossed his mind that maybe, just maybe, one day the Mrs. would get fed up with the playboy routine and call it quits. That’s right folks, you actually can enter into a Prenup after you’ve exchanged vows. (psst… it’s called a Postnuptial Agreement, innovative huh?)

Although breaching the topic of a Prenuptial Agreement with your intended may lead to a few uncomfortable moments , it’s a LOT less traumatizing than what you face down the road if you’re presented with a one way ticket to Splitsville. When all is said and done, if you plan on walking away with more than your golf clubs or Great Aunt Mabel’s china;  an unsuccessful marriage should be treated like a failed business relationship. And while it may not be romantic to think of it that way before the darkness has descended, it’s only a small sacrifice to pay for what could save you a whole lot of heartache in the future.

There’s no problem with hoping for the best, but simultaneously preparing for the worst is usually a good idea. Hopefully, like that disability insurance Uncle Marty convinced you to buy, you’ll never need it. But if one day you fall victim to an unforeseen shark attack , you’ll sure be happy you took the precaution.


It is extremely important to find a divorce attorney who knows how to protect you and your assets. That said, you need a family lawyer who will ensure that all precautions are taken and that you are fully educated as to the importance of a thoroughly drafted prenuptial agreement. Once this is done, you can feel your cold feet disappear.

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