Military Divorce and Child Custody

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Military Divorce Process

You always had a thing for the strong, silent type and an unexplained affinity for camouflage.  That said, it was no surprise to  your friends and family when you decided to shack up with GI Joe/Jane and start popping out little soldiers of your own. Unfortunately, for many, the distance and stress associated with having a military parent as a co-parent leads to a little place you may have heard of called Splitsville and a military divorce can add complexities. Once you two call it quits, the first logical question that usually arises is what happens to your little angel when you or your ex get shipped off to Kandahar? And, no, the answer doesn’t involve buying Rosetta Stone for Joey/Janey Junior to brush up on their Pashto as a going away present.

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Military Divorce Laws When Children Are Involved

According to Florida Statute, if a parent is activated, deployed, or temporarily assigned to military service on orders in excess of 90 days and the parent’s ability to comply with time-sharing is materially affected as a result, the parent may designate a person or persons to exercise time-sharing with the child on the parent’s behalf. The designation shall be limited to a family member, a stepparent, or a relative of the child by marriage. The designation shall be made in writing and provided to the other parent at least 10 working days before the court-ordered period of time-sharing commences. The other parent may only object to the appointment of the designee on the basis that the military parent’s time-sharing visitation is not in the best interests of the child. When unable to reach agreement on the delegation, either parent may request an expedited court hearing for a determination on the designation.

Issues surrounding family dynamics which require legal attention can be mired in obstacles. Throw a military parent into the mix and the stress can seem overwhelming. Military divorce laws are different from standard child custody requirements in Florida, it is important to seek a divorce lawyer that is qualified to handle child custody issues stemming from same.

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