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You have finally reached the point of no return. Things are no longer bearable at home and, in fact, you can’t even remember the last time walking through the front door didn’t result in a panicked feeling of being trapped in a life you can’t stand. You’ve spent countless hours discussing your exit strategy with your therapist. And your best friend. And your secretary. You started running again. And meditating. And drinking that expensive scotch your spouse never let you have. Things are good. No, things are great! Your confidence is back and you are finally reconnecting with yourself. Now, all that’s left for you to reclaim your happiness are four little words, “I want a divorce.” Sounds easy enough right?! GULP.

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Clients come to me on a weekly basis that have resolved themselves to being stuck in unhappy marriages for years because they just didn’t know how to take the first step towards divorce. Many times, the marriage is at a discord due to control issues and the unhappy spouse is constantly walking on eggshells for fear of their significant other’s reaction to them buying a one way ticket to Splitsville. When I read that Katie Holmes had used a disposable cell phone to contact lawyers and make sure her affairs were in order before spilling the beans to Tom Cruise that “TomKat” was to soon join the ranks of “Vaughniston” and “Bennifer”, I thought it was a genius move. ¬†Often times, a party’s goals for divorce change due to pressure from their spouses and/or counsel. The process becomes reactive instead of proactive and all of a sudden you are fighting tooth and nail for that godawful velvet concert poster that you wanted to toss at your last garage sale just because your ex is being such a d-bag. Still remember that mantra you had perfected? No, I didn’t think so.

best boca raton divorce lawyersOne of my favorite slogans to use when discussing family law issues with my divorce Clients is “knowledge is power.” When you know what you are entitled to and what your best and worst case scenarios would be under the law, you are able to take the emotion out of things and engage in a cost-benefit analysis. The best divorce lawyers¬†will provide you the insight and education you need to clearly identify your goals and not be swayed by idle threats or misinformation used by your spouse for purposes of manipulation.


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