Divorce and Children – Keep Them Out Of It


Of course, as any loving parent would, you never mean to hurt your kids.  In fact, you have probably spent their lives doing anything you can to protect them. But, when you are faced with a situation involving divorce and children, your kids may be unintended victims without you even realizing it. After all, they are always around, know the parties involved better than anyone, and may be seen as your one means of communication with the other party. WRONG. divorce


Hiring a divorce attorney will help you with important directions and guidelines when handling the intersection of divorce and children. The first thing to always remember is that your child should never be used as a messenger.  Try to be as civil as possible with your ex, remembering that even if your marriage fell apart you still have to remain co-parents. Make sure information flows freely, notifying the other parent of all the happenings in your child’s life (both good and bad). Alert them to any functions or appointments they should attend, whether you think they will show or not.  If you and your ex absolutely cannot communicate, there are great resources that can be utilized to minimize conflict when dealing with the topic of divorce and children.


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