Why Divorce Needs to be Seen as a Business Transaction

Taking the Emotion out of Divorce

Let’s face it, love is one of the most difficult emotions to grapple with. And, the one thing that all divorces have in common is that it’s the end of a marriage that was entered into by two people in love. When it becomes apparent that that love is no longer, rationality tends to go out the window. Which is why, as a family lawyer, there is one thing I have come to learn above all else. To get through a break up and emerge with your sanity intact, you need to view it as a business transaction above all else.


Don’t Let Being Served with Divorce Papers Send You Over the Edge

Reconciling that a relationship is over is tough, we’ve all been there. Emotions run high, whether it be grief, disbelief, jealousy, or an overwhelming sense of vindictiveness. When you get served with divorce papers, these feelings are often exacerbated. Despite Florida being a “no-fault” state, finger pointing and laying blame becomes the name of the game. Parties become so focused on the emotional aspect of what they are going through, that issues become unnecessarily ¬†complicated and costs go through the roof.

It is imperative to find a family lawyer who will  explain the divorce process to you in detail to ensure that you understand the law in order to keep your costs to a minimum. By doing this, parties are able to realize that it is to their benefit to look at the situation objectively, especially when children are involved.