Florida Child Support Enforcement from Boca Raton to Ft Lauderdale

Florida child support enforcement - Boca Raton, FLWondering How to Enforce Child Support in Florida?

Florida child support enforcement isn’t something anyone wants to deal with. The uncertainty of the future is one of the greatest sources of anxiety when facing divorce, establishing paternity in Florida or any other family law issue.

The Florida Department of Child Support Enforcement Can Help

As a result, the thought of going back to court after an emotional case will make anyone shudder. FDR once said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  Consequently, the context in which this statement was made is strikingly similar to the position of walking into family court from Boca Raton to Ft Lauderdale.  When FDR spoke those famous words during his Inaugural speech in 1933, adversity had reached its peak and panic was rampant. Therefore, the unknown was all there was to look forward to.

Florida child support enforcement - Boca Raton, FLHow to Enforce Child Support in Florida Family Court via a Motion for Contempt from Boca Raton to Ft Lauderdale

Imagine that you had an amicable divorce or that establishing paternity in Florida has been a walk in the park. Excuse me, can you please try to tone down your sarcastic laughter? I’m trying to write here. Even then, nothing is more liberating than holding a divorce decree or child support order. Knowing each and every issue you fought so hard to resolve has finally been ironed out. No longer are you on your own fighting an uphill battle against your ex. As a result, you have the protection of the court on your side! That has to be worth something. That is worth something, right?

How Can the Florida Department of Child Support Enforcement help Enforce Child Support?

The Florida Department of Revenue may be able to help collect past due Florida child support payments or child support arrearages from Boca Raton to Ft Lauderdale through:

  1. Late payment notices
  2. Income withholding notices
  3. Driver license suspension notices which ask parents to come into the Florida Department of Child Support Enforcement to work out a child support payment plan
  4. Business, professional and recreational suspension notices
  5. Federal income tax refund intercept
  6. Collection through Florida lottery winnings
  7. Collection from worker’s compensation
  8. Personal property liens
  9. Notification to credit reporting agencies
  10. Garnishment
  11. Passport Denial

If you’re concerned about your ex traveling internationally from the Miami or Ft Lauderdale airport, this last tool can be useful. The information on how the Florida Department of Child Support Enforcement provides this service is found on their public website.

Florida child support enforcement - Boca Raton, FLFlorida Child Support Enforcement can be Necessary Despite even the Best Intentions

The inability to maintain a party’s domestic support obligation under a post marital agreement or Florida child support order may not be their fault. Maybe half of the stock portfolio you were due to to receive was being managed by Madoff Investment Securities. Or maybe your Baby Daddy, in the final year of his multi-million dollar contract with the Marlins, busted his knee and got sent down to AAA. Bottom line? Florida child support enforcement is not something you predicted you would be going back to family court for.

Still, even if you’re not rubbing elbows with the upper-crust at Mar-a-Lago on the weekends, you’re still probably feeling the effects of the economic downturn. If not more so. One of these effects may very well be the failure to receive the settlement you were expecting or fought so hard to reach. In some cases, you may need to enlist the help of the Florida Department of Child Support Enforcement to get past due parent support. They can help question clients from Boca Raton to Ft Lauderdale.

Don’t be Surprised if Florida Child Support Enforcement is Something You Need to Consider

On the other hand, maybe your ex is a narcissist. They were always ducking responsibility and selfishly chasing their own wants and desires during your relationship. Why should that change now? You never received that coin collection you were awarded, and those $80 Gs your Boca Raton lawyers fought tooth and nail for as lump sum alimony? That should have been in your hands three months ago. As for child support payments, forget it!  You would as soon expect Elvis himself to show up on your doorstep in a three piece leisure suit asking for a peanut butter and banana sandwich than to ever think you would get half of what the court ordered. Surely, there has to be some recourse from some support service. C’mon man!

Florida child support enforcement - Boca Raton, FLBoca Raton Child Support Attorney breaks down How to Enforce Child Support in Florida under Florida Child Support Enforcement Laws

Child support enforcement.  The magic words.  You know when a judgment is entered and someone doesn’t follow it, the court has enforcement power. From Perry Mason to Judge Judy, you’ve seen dozens of tv judges bark, “contempt!” at the deadbeat party and he or she is  instantly grabbed by the bailiff and carted off to jail. In real life, things aren’t that simple. A party must act willfully in disregarding the court’s order before contempt will be granted in a Florida child support enforcement case.

To avoid this headache altogether, it is important to have a skilled Boca Raton family lawyer on your side. The best attorneys prepare for the future, instead of having to worry about it when it comes. Especially in the form of child support enforcement.

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