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Florida child support - Boca Raton, FLPalm Beach County Information on the Florida Child Support Formula and Payments

Florida child support only goes so far. But just what does the Florida support formula include? And how long can you expect to make payments?

You want answers to your questions about the payment of child support. The Clerk Of Court and the child support office in West Palm Beach seem like logical places to begin your journey. No dice. As a result, you have no choice but to take matters into your own hands.

What You Won’t Learn from the Clerk of Court or the Child Support Office in West Palm Beach

You’ve read every parenting magazine and attended every public event looking for answers. Every TED talk about parenting south of the Mason Dixon line has been recorded to your iTunes library. Each and every company known to ever have published a study on any issue related to the payment of child support has received at least one email from your personal account begging for a transcript. You searched until you could search no more. Thankfully, your panacea has arrived.

The Most Important Thing to Remember is that South Florida Parenting should Never Depend on the Palm Beach County Child Support Formula

Before we dive into case information and details of payment information that surrounds Palm Beach County child support, let’s start with the basics.

All Florida child support orders entered on or after October 1, 2010 must include certain elements.

  1. For the payment of child support to end on a child’s 18th birthday. This is unless there is a finding of dependency or the parties agree to extend it.
  2. The amount of the monthly obligation for all minor children at the time of the order.
  3. The amount of Florida child support owed for any remaining children after one or more of the children age out.
  4. The month, day, and year of the reduction or termination of  child support.

Florida child support - Boca Raton, FLBoca Raton Child Support Lawyers Explain how Dependency and Florida Child Support Plays an Important Role in South Florida Parenting

The Florida support formula applies until a child turns 18. However, there is an automatic exception that applies if the kid is:

  1. A dependent between the ages of 18 and 19, and
  2. Still in high school. They must be performing good faith service with a reasonable expectation of graduation before turning 19.

Although child support generally ends when a child reaches majority, this isn’t absolute. An order for support of a person over 18 is sanctioned by the  circuit court when a child is found to be dependent. In addition, the dependency must stem from of a mental or physical incapacity that began prior to majority.

What Does this Mean for Florida Child Support Payments Ordinarily?

One of the biggest concerns in South Florida parenting is the question of who will pay for college. This isn’t something dealt with by the Clerk Of Court or the child support office in West Palm Beach. The response among the South Florida parenting community is the same when they learn college isn’t covered by our child support formula.

‘But we agreed to send the kids to a state arts school!’

‘My ex promised we would split the kids college expenses!’

‘We even agreed on the numbers!’

This is usually followed by a string of expletives and a diagnosis of their child’s mom or dad as a sociopath or deadbeat.

Can Florida Child Support Lawyers file Contempt with the Child Support Office in West Palm Beach for a Parent’s Failure to Pay for College?

If your ex won’t agree to split your kid’s ticket out of working the fry line at Mickey D’s, you’re probably out of luck. There’s no legal obligation to extend support payments to a college education. A Palm Beach County judge won’t even hear a party’s request for payment of child support for this purpose.

Florida child support - Boca Raton, FLAlternative Ways for the South Florida Parenting Community to Finance College Outside of Child Support Palm Beach County Rules and the Florida Child Support Formula

The Florida Department of Revenue child support office won’t be able to help. However, this doesn’t mean you need to abandon your dreams for your mini me’s future. Parties can agree to almost anything in a Florida parenting plan under standard contract law. Once your ex provides their John Hancock on an agreement to pony up for college, a contractual obligation is formed. Wait for it.

How to Find the Best Florida Child Support Lawyers for Your Case

Of course, it’s not as simple as it sounds. A party’s failure to follow through on their promise to fund their kid’s college education can’t be enforced in family court through contempt. However, all is not lost. Gotta love all these fun loopholes, right?

It’s still possible to make the agreement enforceable through contempt in Palm Beach County family court. To do this, the court has to be given the judicial power to exercise it’s contempt power by the parties. Again, don’t look to the Clerk of Court for help. This is something that can be decided solely by the parties and must be expressly stated in their Florida parenting plan.

Florida child support - Boca Raton, FLSouth Florida Parenting Tips for a Palm Beach County Child Support Agreement

Child support payments can be extended to fund Florida Prepaid or any other college savings plan. This is done through express language in the parenting plan or South Florida marital settlement agreement. Child support lawyers can make this arrangement as detailed or flexible as the parties wish because it’s simply a contract. For example:

  1. The parties can agree to enroll their kids in a prepaid college plan for a specific university. The obvious choice being University of Miami :).
  2. Payment for books, living expenses, or transportation.
  3. The agreement can state which parent receives the deduction on their taxes while their child remains in school.

Remember, you call the shots on how you want this support calculated. Therefore, it’s better to be as detailed as possible as far as what expenses are reasonable instead of providing an est amount. This can be as narrow as books and lab fees or cover things like spending money and extracurricular activities. There’s no child support calculator in these post majority child calculations. As a result there’s more wiggle room than under the standard child support formula. This is especially relevant as you’re planning your future as well. Consequently, you should check with your accountant before committing to finance such a substantial expense.

Florida child support - Boca Raton, FLHow is Post Majority Support Paid in Florida if There’s no Formula?

Basically any way you want. For example, the agreement can state that child support is to be paid in a lump sum by a certain date. Make sure to specifically state that it’s the extent of either party’s legal obligation for support beyond the age of 18. You don’t want to have to fight off your kid’s grubby little mitts once they get smart enough to know how to manipulate you. It should also be expressly stated that the obligation can’t be modified. Unless, of course, the parties formally agree and file the appropriate documents with the Palm Beach County Clerk of Court.

Florida Child Support Agreement Beyond what’s Sanctioned by the Palm Beach Clerk of Court

Florida parenting plan can also place the responsibility for the payment of college expenses solely on one parent’s shoulders.  South Florida lawyers often see a Florida child support obligation extended to graduate school. It can also be extended as long as the parents would like because, again, there is no Florida calculator for voluntary contributions. It should be noted that the payments can’t be modified and that the agreement is enforceable by contempt.

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