Divorce Help For the Overwhelmed


Newsflash: Divorce is tough. Somehow you have to reconcile letting go of the life you have led while still maintaining your identiry. Many times there are factors that complicate this transition from wedded bliss to divorce that you have not developed the coping skills to handle. Perhaps you are faced with the responsibility of financial planning for the first time or expected to know how to run a household when you aren’t even sure how to do your own laundry.¬†Hiring a divorce attorney will help you balance your decisions and will easy out the process.

divorce helpMore challenging conundrums can present themselves when facing divorce than just the requisite transition from a couple to a single individual. It can be hard to swallow hearing that the partner you promised to stick with “til death do we part” is parading around town with his or her new significant other and has somehow lost the extra spare tire they had been carrying around since your honeymoon. It can be tempting to join in the hype and find your days filled with catty gossip like, “Did you see his/her new fill in the blank (sports car/hair transplant/boob job)?! That lousy *%@&!!”


Relax. These feelings are normal. Venting can be cathartic and emotions need to be dealt with in a healthy manner. You should find a family law attorney that you can trust to treat you as a human being, and not just another case. Divorce represents a huge transition and you need counsel that will ensure they are accessible and empathetic when offering divorce help. Most importantly, a family lawyer that is right for you.

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