Custody Battle Ahead? Florida Parenting Time Guidelines

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Boca Raton Family Law Attorney On Sole Custody

Many parents want full custody of their kids. Maybe they are unhappy with the way the other parent conducts themselves. Think late night partying or indulging in destructive behaviors. Maybe they aren’t thrilled with the company the other parent is keeping. The result of this is that they are primed and ready for a custody battle. Before you let this become your battle cry, do yourself a favor and learn about the law. As of October 1, 2008, the term custody no longer exists in Florida Family Law.

Boca Raton Divorce Lawyers Explain How Florida Statute Has Attempted to Lessen Chances of a Custody Battle

Some point to the change of the traditional roles in the family home. Others believe the legislature’s recognition that a child is better off with two functional parents is the cause. Whatever the motivation, 50/50 custody and equal time sharing between the parties is usually the starting point. The best interests of the child is a priority and a custody battle doesn’t really mesh with that.  The threshold for the presumption is if as a parent acts in manner that will not harm the child’s emotional or moral well being. It is important to note this only matters when the child with the parent.

Best Boca Raton Divorce Lawyers Advice? Tread Lighchild custody battletly Before A Florida Custody Battle

Proving that a parent is unfit in Palm Beach County family court can be difficult. For example, a spouse may have substance abuse problems. When the parties have children, this is a pre-existing condition. There are several factors to consider. These include how long ago a crisis occurred, if the parent is seeking help, and if there is an immediate emergency situation if the child is with them. In the most extreme situations, when a child is put in danger, conditions still must be set for re-establishment of contact.  A party must be cautious in alleging the other parent is unfit for fear that the accusing parent failed to protect the child. For this, you would instead turn to DCF or an action under Florida Statutes Chapter 39.

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