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co parenting Boca Raton, FLYou thought Life after Divorce with 50 50 Custody would be No Problem…

Co parenting after divorce may not seem like a challenge because no one is ready to jump back on the horse right after a split. Well, maybe if the horse catches an Uber at 3am and you don’t have to worry about ever seeing their mug around the pasture again, but, dating tips? No, thank you. Eventually, though, life goes on.

Then the Idea of Dating after Divorce hits You Like a Ton of Bricks

West Palm Beach divorce ain’t easy. Parenting after divorce is a whole different story. Although there are many forms of child custody, none seem like something you can handle. If you have kids, dating someone new can be sticky. The idea of meeting someone by swiping left on an app is probably foreign to you and that’s without adding the dynamics of divorce law into the mix.

co parenting Boca Raton, FLThe Difference between Child Custody and Co Parenting

Developing a balance between children and parental authority is tough. Especially when there are parents who live in separated households. If parties couldn’t agree how to raise their kids when they were together, you best believe egos will rage when they split. Consequently, co parenting can be a bitter pill to swallow.

It doesn’t matter whether it happens before the ink on your post marital agreement is dry or years have passed since you separated. No matter how you feel, a little advice on the parenting children relationship after filing Florida child custody forms never hurt anyone. The relationship parents have has an effect on their kids. Even if you’re no longer married. Sometimes, especially if you’re no longer married. As a result, co parenting after divorce can seem impossible unless you’re prepared.

Tips from West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyer, Jordan Gerber, Esq., on Co Parenting after Divorce that You Can’t Get grom Florida Child Custody Forms

Parties often approach their West Palm Beach lawyer with the demand to have full custody ordered by the judge. They can’t deal with their ex’s new flame and don’t want their kids affected by this raging maniac/trashy gold digger. The problem? The idea, and even the wording itself, is outdated. There is no longer a primary residential parent or residential custody in Florida. The same goes for the legal term referring to parents 50/50 custody. In fact, they really shouldn’t even be called Florida child custody forms. But let’s not allow semantics to slow us down. Most of all, the goal of this shift is to reduce the temporary conflict divorce can have on a family.

co parenting Boca Raton, FLUsing the term Florida Child Custody forms the Wrong Impression as it’s Now Absent from Florida Laws

Dating after divorce is hard enough for both men and women. Especially since date time is now based around winks, swipes and email through either an app or online dating service.  Shared parental responsibility is the working standard under Florida child custody laws.

Accept Dating after Divorce as the New Normal in West Palm Beach Child Custody Matters

You don’t have to be a lawyer to know that a West Palm Beach court isn’t going to order a party to stay single. Or tell them who they can or can’t have sex with. Remember that little inalienable right that forms the highest law of the land? You know, to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Wellllll, child custody judges take it pretty seriously. You’re going to have to deal with your ex’s partner parenting your kids to some degree whether you like it or not.

 Dating after Divorce happens, You Can Either Accept it or Live in Denial

As a result, family court judges don’t really care about your ex’s new significant other unless they’re spending their relationship time putting your kid at risk or engaging in immoral conduct. Oh, and by the way, that immoral conduct usually has to be in front of Junior’s face.  This is true even if your position on dating after divorce is the polar opposite of the other parent. Changing parents custody because of jealous emotions about your exs divorced dating relationship habits? Forget it. Read any book on divorce love gone wrong to learn just where those petitions will get you.

co parenting Boca Raton, FLYou are the Only Person that Determines Your Happiness: Don’t Look for Answers from Florida Child Custody Laws or A West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyer

The bottom line is that living life according to Florida child custody forms is a huge change to your day to day routine. You thought all of the time you spent at the file clerk office or discussing Florida child custody laws with your divorce lawyer would have prepared you. Yet, it’s a different story when it becomes a reality. The only way you are going to deal with it is learning how to adapt to that change. It doesn’t matter how much tension there is between you and the other parent, you have to find a way to get along for the sake of your kids.

The first step is to confront the issue directly. Creating boundaries and discussing relationship dating issues with your co-parent can make a world of difference. Oh, and try to do it tactfully. Using words like scumbag and narcissist won’t make Florida child custody forms any easier to swallow. People date, life goes on. Take a page from your ex’s book and realize you can still find love divorced.

Are Florida Laws Focused on Promoting Co Parenting with 50 50 Custody after West Palm Beach Divorce?

One factor that West Palm Beach judges consider in making child custody determinations is the extent that each parent can support the other parent’s relationship with their child. This is especially relevant when parents have 50 50 custody.  The analysis also includes the encouragement of both parents’ continuing involvement in the life of their shared DNA after West Palm Beach divorce. Indeed, statutory wording seems to expressly favor a 50 50 custody arrangement, although it’s not explicitly stated. Consequently, research states that children divorce adapt better to their parents separation in two scenarios:

  1. They have quality relationships with both parents. For example, when the parents share custody 50 50.
  2. When their parents have a positive relationship when it comes to their kids.

co parenting Boca Raton, FLHow to Make Dating after Divorce and Florida Child Custody Laws Easier for Your Child to Digest

There are several rules to keep in mind to make your new arrangement less stressful on the kids. If you follow these guidelines on how to act in front of your kids, dating after divorce will be a lot easier for them to swallow. You may be surprised that it can make dating after divorce a lot easier on the kids parents as well.

Things You Should Never Do when Co Parenting:

  1. Talk badly about the other parent.  This includes who they may be dating after divorce or other sources of post divorce conflict.
  2. Gossip about the other parent’s friends or relatives.
  3. Complain about problems with 50 50 custody, or how unfair Florida child custody laws are.
  4. Talk about money or conflict that forms from support. Your relationship divorce issues should be kept to yourself. Allow the relationship children have with the other parent up to them.
  5. Make them feel bad when they enjoy time with the other parent. Or time with whoever your ex is dating after divorce.
  6. Block visits or tell them they can’t talked to the other parent on the phone. No videos.
  7. Interrupt the time child spends with the other parent by calling too much or by planning the other activities during their time together.
  8. Argue in front of them or on the phone when they can hear you.
  9. Ask them to spy for you when they’re at the other other parent’s home. This includes digging up dirt on who your ex is dating after divorce.
  10. Tell them to keep secrets from the other time parent.

co parenting Boca Raton, FLMake Sure Your Kids Know You are Comfortable with Co Parenting after Divorce, More of What You Should Never Do:

  1. Ask them questions about the other other parent’s life or about their time together. It’s never a good sign to try to trap your ex by investigating ways they might be violating your Florida child custody forms.
  2. Give them verbal messages to deliver to the other other separated divorce parent.
  3. Send written messages with them or place them in their bag.
  4. Blame the other other parent for things that go wrong in your life.
  5. Treat them like an adult, it causes way too much stress for them.
  6. Ignore the other other parent or sit on opposite sides of the room during their school or sports activities.
  7. Refuse to let them take items to the other home.
  8. Use guilt to pressure them to love you more.
  9. Ask them where they want to live. This is a huge court parental strike against you under Florida child custody laws.
  10. Refuse flexible with your 50 50 custody schedule when requests are reasonable.

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