How to Cope With Florida Divorce

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The holiday season can be tough for everyone. Trying to budget to make sure everyone has the gifts they asked for, making sure the diamonds sparkle enough to allow you to post up in front of the tube for some pigskin, and (hoping those yoga/meditation classes work) dealing with in-laws… Throw in divorce and it’s a whole different story. People often ask when to divorce, as if there is a specific time of year that’s easier. Unfortunately, even if you file in July, your first holiday season post-divorce will still be foreign and most likely a bit hard to deal with.


Now, the holiday season means figuring out a time sharing schedule, loneliness, and regret. You start thinking to yourself, “what if I didn’t make such a big deal about the diamonds and just was happy to be together?” or “geez, was regular season football really all that important when my team was already out of the playoff race?”… The holiday season can be tough for everyone, especially when dealing with a new dynamic other than the one you have been accustomed to. Holidays are time for tradition and being with the ones you love, and when that is drastically different, it can be tough to swallow.


Finding support when going through a family trauma like divorce can be difficult, especially during the holidays. Perhaps you don’t want to be a burden during the holiday season (besides you feel like you’ve already exhausted the crying/whining/philosophical “what if” period with those you would have turned to anyway) . Maybe you don’t feel as if there is anyone who will truly understand anyway. No matter what your reason for feeling like you have no plausible outlet for your emotions, time to get creative! There are plenty of resources out there beyond the realm of family and friends.